How does the database work?

The database is designed to maintain all the information required by the Ministry of the Environment. The information will be updated by you, us or independent service companies (with your approval and secure log in ID).

Why was it created?

With all the chores of running a shop, it's difficult to keep track of all the information required by the Ministry and make sure it is available anytime all in one place. Never worry about lost paperwork again! If an employee is keeping paper records and leaves, these files are permanent and stay here.

What type of information am I required to produce on demand?

Go here to read the MOE requirements to maintain your Air Emission Certificate.

How will this database help?

When you need to show that you are maintaining the requirements for your permits, as per your Certificate of Approval (CofA), it's imperative for you to produce the information in a timely matter. You can access your total info-base and print out the information immediately anytime.

What will be in the database?

Maintenance records, Repair records, Logbook of regular changed items (Example: filter changes), Paint type and usage times and dates, Equipment details, Copies of issued permits and Certificates of Approval are just a few of the items available.

Can I enter my own information?

Absolutely! You, your painter, your service company (with your permission) or EDS can enter the details to stay current.

Will anyone else have access to this information?

No! You will be the only person that can access your information. You will be the only one with the user name and password (which you create during registration).

How do I register and what is the cost?

Registering is simple, quick and there is one level of service available:

SILVER - $287.00 US for the first year. This covers the membership and account set up. You can also download a copy of your MOE Approval and the manufacturers use & operation manual for your equipment plus your maintenance, repair, waste management and filter changes are logged and are available for download. This can be done by you, your service company or EDS. Paint Use Maonitor is included.

What's the best part?

There is great news on this front. Enviro Database Solutions Inc. is excited to have implemented a package that will monitor all your paint usage and filter changes electronically. The information will be uploaded automatically to your 'private' database and will be accessible only by you. You'll be notified automatically by email if you should happen to go over your MOE listed 'per hour paint usage' or if an unusually high usage occurs. Our package is installed at your booth and requires an internet connection (hard wired) and a power outlet within ten feet. Pictures of our system are here.

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