The Kit cost is $267.00 (US) for the first piece of equipment/gun including monitoring for the FIRST YEAR. This includes all the items shown on the install page and one year of unlimited cloud server usage access.
Each additional spray booth/gun (FIRST YEAR) is $27.00 US. including monitoring plus $27.00 US for the extra airline sensor.

Each additional year of monitoring  for  the main piece of equipment: $267.00 (US) plus $27.00 US for each additional piece of equipment.

Fixed Costs (One Time): Airline sensors (1 required for each piece of monitored equipment) $27.00 (US)
                                           Installion & Wiring: $225.00 (Cdn) (only available in the Toronto area).

You own the equipment and our software licensing permits your use.


First year 1 booth/gun = $267.00 US
First year each additional booth/gun = $27.00 US
Second year: Both pieces of equipment = $265.00 US

After invoicing, we accept or a company cheque.

Your purchase includes a 90 Money Back Guarantee. If you are not competely satisfied, just return your purchase for a full refund!

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