The Kit cost is $267.00 (US) for the first piece of equipment including monitoring for the FIRST YEAR. This includes all the items shown on the install page and one year of unlimited cloud server usage access.
Each additional spray booth (FIRST YEAR) is $27.00 US. including monitoring plus $27.00 US for the extra airline sensor.

Each additional year of monitoring  for  the main piece of equipment: $267.00 (US) plus $27.00 US for each additional piece of equipment.

Fixed Costs (One Time): Airline sensors (1 required for each piece of monitored equipment) $27.00 (US)
                                           Installion & Wiring: $225.00 (Cdn) (only available in the Toronto area).

You own the equipment and our software licensing permits your use.


First year 1 booth = $267.00 US
First year one Prep Station = $84.00 US
Second year: Both pieces of equipment = $294.00 US

After invoicing, we accept or a company cheque.

Your purchase includes a 90 Money Back Guarantee. If you are not competely satisfied, just return your purchase for a full refund!

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