"The use of EDS has simplified our processes.  Information is at your fingertips at any given time allowing for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.  It is piece of mind knowing that information is available to you at any given time automatically.  We are very happy with this software and recommend Stephen Arkell and his staff". 


 Michael Carcone (Please feel free to call direct to confirm my testimonial)


Michael Carcone

  Carcone’s Auto Recycling & Wheel Refinishing

  1030 Bloomington Rd. | Aurora, Ontario |  L4G 0L7  |  Canada 
  Office: 905-773-5778 Ext. 2236 

  Website: www.carcone.com



"Comparing my monthly usage to the monthly paint mixed on the scales confirmed that some of my materials were not being mixed across the scale. This is a very accurate system and everything is available at the click of a button. Currently, I don't make use of half the features on the site but it is nice to see all the database input options that are available. When I was asked for my paint records, it took me almost two weeks to put the report together. Now I can go to the EDS site, click on 'Print" and have the report for any time period instantly. Thanks to EDS for spending the time to create this amazing tool!

I found this amazing tool fantastic for tracking 'real-time' paint usage for repair jobs and for helping maximize our materials profit.  I now know exactly how much paint it takes to refinish any part of a vehicle".

Thanks EDS

Corrado Olindo

Body Shop Manager

Highland Collision Centre


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