ENVIROBASE has the expertise to work with you to obtain your building permit. Whether new, or existing, your local building inspector or Fire Department may request you to apply for a building permit for your paint spray booth or paint line.

The reason for this is to make sure qualified people have inspected the system to make sure all code issues have been addressed. These code issues can become health and safety concerns, not only for the employees or owner of the company, but for others, such as the Fire Department, when responding to an emergency call.


When do I need a Building Permit?

Some examples of when building permit is needed:

  • Adding to a building
  • Constructing a new building
  • Upgrading an existing building
  • Creating new rooms or spaces within an existing building (mezzanines)
  • Adding an accessory building, an equipment room, or a shed
  • Installing a paint spray booth

When do I need a Plumbing Permit?

Some examples of when a plumbing permit is needed:

  • Performing any work on a plumbing system in a new or existing building
  • Installing a new or replacing an existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water service located on private property
  • Installing a new or replacement domestic water backflow preventer
  • Installing a paint spray booth with a wet (water wash) filtration system

When do I need a Gas Permit?

Some examples of when a gas permit is needed:

  • Performing any work on a natural gas or propane gas piping or venting system (pressure 2 psi or less)
  • Installing any new or replacement gas appliance

When do I need an Electrical Permit?

  • When installing new equipment that includes motors and lighting.


When do I need a Fire Sprinkler Permit?

A fire sprinkler permit is needed when:

  • Performing any additions or alterations to a fire sprinkler system in a new or existing building.


Why are inspections necessary?

Inspections are necessary because they assist the builder in constructing a building, or equipment, that meets current structural, health, security and fire protection safety standards.


Don't wait for the inspectors to arrive, get your permits today and enjoy peace of mind.

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